Terms & Conditions

1. What Agreement Point is & What it is not?

Agreement Point is an organisation which is incepted with a mission to smoothen the complex & time-consuming government process of housing rental registration. Easy Rent Agreement service is not an agent or broker, so no recurring charges or commission will be levied upon the end-user of our product or service bearer. Agreement Point is founded with service-oriented architecture funded by its own product which will serve a user. Agreement Point does not provide any help for lease related affairs, it only assists in Online leave & license registration agreement.

Agreement Point advises to its users that they should consult an advocate or solicitor before entering into any agreement.

2.Agreement Point hereby presents its responsibilities & non-responsibilities.

Agreement Point is responsible for:

  • a) Reducing the complexity in the time-consuming government process of housing rental registration.
  • b) Security of your personal data
  • c) Delivery of Leave & license agreement(Email / WhatsApp)
  • d) Follow up with government officials till completion of the registration process
  • e) Providing customer support

Agreement Point is not responsible for:

  • a) Any disputed property
  • b) Delays by government due to unforeseen reasons
  • c) Incorrect data submission by end-user . We are not responsible for any incorrect information submitted by client’s.
  • d) Client’s must confirm all details on Government Portal and read all the draft carefully at time of execution. After biometric execution no any changes can be made to the draft. We are not responsible for any submitted incorrect information.
  • e) At the time of execution client’s need to present documents like property proof, Aadhaar and PAN cards or any other required documents.

3. End-users are required to furnish following details at the time of registration through our web application-

Respective names, contact numbers, email, Current addresses of respective authority, address of renting property, Leave and License period, other relative terms & conditions,Rent details and refundable or non-refundable deposits details. Finally, making an appropriate payment

Failing to do so, their registration with us will not get completed.

Privacy – 

Now a days Privacy is most important part while sharing details. Be assured we are ISO certified organization and we have privacy policy in place, so your personal documents will be auto deleted as per the policy. Also we do not share your data with third party companies.

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